Connecting the Dots

Creative ProducER Film and photo

As a creative producer of film and photo I listen carefully to the needs and ideas of people, translate them into a concept and then connect the right people with each other.

I have over 20 years of experience as project manager, creative producer, marketing and communications consultant and senior account manager in audiovisual media and advertising in different countries and for different brands,

With COLOR YOUR BRAND I help you find concept & creative solutions in the field of audiovisual projects and campaigns for your brand.

Together with different companies and creatives as partners here in Amsterdam, Barcelona or in other parts of the world, we can cover the needs of your project without worrying about it.

If you want a reliable Northern approach with a spontaneous Southern freshness and humor, then you’re in the right place at CYB.

I see through projects from A to Z. With all their colorful facets.

I have worked, among others, as a creative producer for the following brands: Carhartt, Pepsi, Gatorade, Heineken & Smart.

Take a look at this page for more of my clients.

My services are:

  • Manage budget
  • Project advice
  • Location Manager
  • Art buying
  • Production coordination
  • Finding staff for productions in different countries
  • Hiring crew
  • Casting
  • License Requests
  • Price negotiation
  • Search creative thinking solutions with creative directors
  • Coach crew
creative producer