Connecting the Dots

CYB Coaching Creatives & PHOTOGRAPHERS

CYB Coaching creatives is a place where you can develop your own brand.
It is COLOR YOUR BRAND ‘s commitment that you can live from your talents and work from your strengths.

I specialize in coaching creatives, artist and photographers, however, this coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to work on their own identity, marketing for themselves or their business.

I provide individual attention to help you find your own PERSONAL BRANDING.

Identity as a creative goes beyond just a logo, photo, painting or music. It’s about being coherent and loyal to yourself and being able to stay this way in your creativity and in your marketing strategy.

If you want to take charge of how others see your projects and your business, give it a try.

My approach to this coaching is:

  • I help you become aware of your talents, values, mission, and qualities.
  • You will make conscious choices for your business and your creatives projects.
  • We will analyze with the help of video and feedback how you present yourself.
  • We look for the emotions you want to transmit on to your clients.
  • We create digital mood boards, so your identity is translated into images, colors, flavors, and shapes
  • I’m your sparring partner so you don’t feel alone in all the decisions and steps and I will help you reflect.
  • If needed, I will put you in contact with graphic designers for a logo/ website/flyer and I will guide the whole process into a result is cohesive to your personal branding.
  • I will help you put together your own productions, treatments and moodboards.
  • I will give you exercises with questions and some structure after each coaching session so you can work in between our talks on yourself and on everything we discuss during the coaching.
  • And many more tips and tricks…..

Together we connect the dots.


Here are all the modules I offer. Click on the + for more info


Getting to know you. We will reflect on where you are and what you would like to archieve with the coaching

Learn to be clear on what you are, why you do what you do and what is your story in a few minutes.
What do we see? Does your website and work match your pitch? We will look into everything in detail.
We are going to put everything on the table. Let’s find your personal style, concepts, and ideas of any type.
First, we will mood board our company. Colors, textures, text. After that, we will break down all the ideas above and make them possible options in mood boards too.
I will teach you to use the SMART system to plan your dream business and your projects, so you can start tomorrow if you want. We will make a production plan.
With your pre-production plan on your hand now you can GO out & PLAY. Bring your plan to live.
Let’s review what you have done and if is coherent with the plan and idea you had. Our goal is that you are behind every choice you make.
To find a match you need to understand and see what is out there. We are going to dive into the information of the brands, competition and possible clients you can have.
Your website, your logo, your presence on & offline. We will look at your new perosnal branding and how you can communicating it from now on. Make a plan and make decisions.
One of the most difficult things is to put a price on your talent or your service. For that you need to gather information, but which one?
We will learn how to connect the dots of your “essence words” for each project and for your business. This way you will never lose track of your mission and of your personal branding again.


You can choose the best option for your needs.

This coaching is One on One via Zoom (video conference system).

Express Session

1x Session
€ 180

  • Pitch
  • Quick work review
  • Pricing
  •  Other quick question
  • or you want to get the feel of it

Essential Program

6x Sessions
€ 950

  • Intake (90 Minutes)
  • Pitch, Portfolio review are always included
  • We make a personal combination for you


Premium Program

Take your time
€ 1900

  • 12x modules on your own tempo
  • Practical exercises between sessions
  • Integration in daily life

Express Program

12x weeks sessions
€ 1500

  • Every week for 12x weeks 1x coaching session
  • Quick tempo
  • All the modules like in the Premium

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