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CYB Coaching creatives & photographers program is designed for creatives, artist and photographers that want to work on their identity, marketing, and their personal branding.
Together we rediscover your talents and work from your strengths.


As a Creative Producer Film and Photo based in Amsterdam, I help you find solutions for your brand in the field of audiovisual productions & campaigns with partners in both Europe and Latin America.
COLOR YOUR BRAND will help you from A to Z with all its colorful facets to complete your project.

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What customers say about me

“I met Andrea, during my time at Iris Amsterdam. We were creating a Heineken campaign which required some post-production and Andrea was our contact at Magic Group media. She elevated the project from post-production to the entire shoot, helping us project manage and make it happen in Prague. Everything from recommending locations to sourcing local talent on the ground. I found her to be invaluable throughout the experience; organising challenging schedules and people, she was also very personable, reliable, fun and was able to laugh at my jokes (always helps). It was a great experience to work with her which was also helped a future collaboration on a initiative idea for anti-smoking campaign for Stivoro. She helped make this happen too. Very helpful and a great person to know!”

Glenn Doherty

Creative Lead, Philips Design

“Andrea is a great person to work with, I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Andrea is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and keep all of her clients very satisfied. She is extraordinarily helpful in all areas of the company. She is inspiring and motivating, not just for her clients, but also for other employees. I highly recommend Andrea for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Mijs van de Griek

Managing Director , bijMijs Agency

“Andrea`s relaxed attitude combined with outstanding professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with and has for me always resulted in a smooth running, stress-free production..”

Margaret Stepien

Photographer Food, beverage, portrait, interiors and reportage

“Andrea is a reliable Business Partner and a hard worker. She fights to achieve the common goals and is a good communicator and multi tasker. Andrea has an excelent knowledge about the visual media industry.”

Andreas von Estorff

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Angel Investor, Pioneers Space GmbH / Production Media Network

“Andrea showed herself valuable in every session we had, not only she shared her insight and raised discussions but also pointed out solutions on to how to improve exposure in this market. It was great how the process made me reflect about my work – it allowed me to better understand and use my strengths.“

Christian Gaul

Photographer fashion, portrait and life style